Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Spiritual Growth Sessions

Hi Everyone,

Well here it is June already, time is flying by :) I wanted to let you all know that I am starting something new from home on the 24th June (A Friday). I will be doing 2 hour spiritual growth sessions starting at 11am. This is what I have in mind: -

Come & enjoy my Spiritual Sessions in a warm and happy environment, relax into the lounge suite, enjoy tea or coffee as we work through the many aspects of life that are affecting us today. A great way to keep focused on what you desire, a good followup from a reading to stay balanced and on track.
I will be working with Jerry & Esther Hicks, Florence Scovel-Shinn, and Dr Judith Orloff to name but a few……….. U Tube have provided some great short videos from these wonderful people and one or two will be played in a session, followed by discussion and practical application.

In the sessions I will also include a 7 minute chakra clearing meditation so we are open and relaxed.

Over time we will cover a range of topics from Angels to Crystals to Dream interpretation, vision boards, Meditation and many other subjects… please send any suggestions on topics that are important to you to the email below.

Once a month I will do Mediumship for people to connect with past love ones or their guides. A mini reading with my masterstones is also included or we can use the cards.

This can be a one on one session or for a group, if you want to book ahead, please email me at

When & Where?

Every Second Friday starting 24th June at my home in Coolum Beach.

Starting time 11am. Sharp.

Group Price $40 per person

One on One price $80.00

Contact Sheryl on 0413 623 758 or email for address details.

There is also an option to prepay as well if you wanted to book ahead just go to my website for details.

Its also time to reconnect to the moon, we have an eclipse over a full moon on the 15th so recharge those crystals or just ask the moon to take away any unwanted clutter in your life, light a candle and ask your angels to surround you on the full moon this will make it powerful for you for the changes you are wanting in your life at this time.

Until next time love & light and blessings Sheryl xx

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