Sunday, December 5, 2010


Hi again,

Just a note to let you know that the classes I listed on my last blog are to be changed.

I am moving house end of January which will in the middle of classes so once Im settled in the new place at Coolum I will be free in February to start, I will advise of the dates as soon as I can.

The Masterstone class will not be happening in February now BUT I am going to hold ongoing monthly accredited classes on The Masterstones, with a certificate gained at the end, I will advise more once again when Im settled in.

New Moon today so a great day for manifestation for everyone so put those dreams out there.

Create a wonderful day, many blessings Sheryl xx

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Updates, Classes and more :)

Hi Everyone,

Getting close to Xmas now! the rush is on :) Just a few items to inform you about, Firstly, I am holding classes from the 19th January 2011 Wed nights for 4 weeks starting at 6.30pm to 8.30pm......Im calling it Working With The Angels, I will cover a range of topics over the 4 weeks but the first class we will be connecting with your Angel/s. Each class is ony $15.00 per person.
In February I will be holding a Masterstone Class on how to use the masterstones for your spiritual needs. This will be on Sat'day the 19th February rom 10am to noon, cost is $30.

Secondly I have put my prices up a little after three years I felt it was time, my new home prices are on my website now on .

My lovely oils and spirit stones are also available for your Xmas shopping at my home or at Spiritual Connections Duporth Ave, Maroochydore. I have also the Masterstones on sale as well and now you can also by one masterstone individually gift bagged with the channelled meaning inside from home they are $5 in the shop they are $7.50.

I now have mastered Skype readings my skype name is mediumsheryl or email addy is so if anyone would like a skype reading before Christmas I am offering them for $50 until end of December. :)

This is a great time for meditation and bringing in the new for the new year, you will be calm and clear for your vision for next year if you can meditate as often as you can and work from the heart all will unfold for you.

Please let me know if you would like to book in for any of the classes or for a reading, skype, email, phone or home reading. (Info re the classes is also on my website) thanking you many blessings Sheryl xx

Thursday, November 4, 2010

CRYSTALS, Crystals & more Crystals

Hi Everyone,

Crystals you say? Oh what amazing energy they exude, crystals are sent from above I feel, not only the look and feel that has us in awe but the vibrtaion of energy that comes from Crystals...

I have been channelling with my personal crystals at present to raise my vibration for the coming of the new era in 2012. The energy is high as from 10/10/2010, there seemed to be an opening on that day for us to raise above the earthly planes to a deeper understanding and by using your crystals to do this is a wonderful thing. Clarity and change come with certain crystals but no matter what you like or resinate to they will work for you.

I always feel that when looking to get a crystal or a new one, they pick us as its always a feeling that we get when we pick the one we want.
Go with your inner feeling as its always correct.

I have some amazing Crystal Oracle Cards that i use at times in my readings and the pictures of the crystals are divine, and everytime a person chooses a card its always right for them at that time, the power of crystals is very special.

I also feel that in this present time, it is relevant that we are also healed before moving forward, crytals can do that for you, One I love is the CHRYSANTHEMUM STONE - Some of the sttributes of this stone is that it exudes calm, confidence and enhances any environment with its gentle presence. Radiating Harmony, it synthesizes change with equilibrium and shows how the teo can work together. This stone shows you how to enjoy being centered in the present moment and encourages the self to bloom. It inspires and energizes, and brings endeavours to fruition. This stone can also aid in depth of thought and guards against distractions.

The healing power of this stone is wonderful as it promotes physical maturation and transition. It also treats the skin, skeleton and eyes, it is a useful stone for dispersing toxins and dissolving growths.

This stone can be carried or worn, or placed in an environment that needs calm...This stone can also be used as an elixir, but make by the indirect method of placing the stone in a glass bowl within the bowl of water as otherwise the flower is affected.

I have personally a Crystal Bible and this stone is in there, but they have some amazing crystals, some that I have not heard of and have a wonderful explanation of all of the ones listed in the Crystal Bible. Really woth looking at if you are drawn to crystals.

Im really feeling drawn to Clear Quarts, Beryl and a couple fo other ones at this time, so my freinds get out your crystals and raise your energy to a higher vibration and I know things will start changing for you immediately.

This is all I needed to convey at this time, so have fun and many blessings to you all, Sheryl xx

Monday, October 4, 2010

New things & Spring

Hello everyone,

I have to apologise for the delay in posting, but I have finally found some time to sit and write.

Lots have been happening, I hope everyone manifested all that they needed in the last 6 weeks, The Full moon was beautiful as usual in September and I personally threw out all the things that I did no longer need in my life, thoughts, items, past issues, I asked that whatever needed being tossed, went, and you know amazingly new things started to appear the very next day!! love how it works!

I have also started in earnest again my affirmations, sometimes we forget how important they are, and you know things are flowing again nicely... I will add one affirmation that I use which seems to work so well for me and Im sure it will for you goes :I NOW DRAW FROM THE ABUNDANCE OF THE SPHERES MY IMMEDIATE AND ENDLESS SUPPLY, ALL CHANNELS ARE FREE, ALL DOORS ARE OPEN!! love this one and thankyou universe!!

I have also decided to refurbish my Gratitude journal/note book, being grateful for the things you have in your life brings so much more to you.......Spring is in the air, so a good time to clear out your clutter and start afresh as I am doing here for me, any change is a good change. So clear that clutter folks, bring in the new!

When using my angel cards the last month one of the Archangels keeps being presented to me this is Archangel Chamuel - he is the finding angel, he helps in finding lost items as well as finding the things we are wanting, like where we want to be or where we belong, he helps us with finding a soulmate connection also so if you are wanting and searching ask Chamuel to help you, he will help you find what you need..

Crystals: Im feeling the amazing energy of the crystals aound me at present there seems to be an energy that is flowing at this present time, time seems to be speeding up and so is the energy...If you have some crystals sourround yourself with them as this is will raise your energy levels right now. Put your intentions into your crystals and this energy will flow to your dreams and intentions, I find that visions and dreams are sometimes profound when I use and have my crystals around me. I especially love is Beryl (not only because it rhymes with Sheryl haha) but it helps shed baggage, represents purity, actualising potential, activates crown and solar plexus chakras, enhances courage, releives stress and calms the mind and re-awakens love....what a beautiful crystal and I was very lucky to be given a piece by a dear friend recently and this has certainly helped, thankyou I am very grateful!

Work in Progress: I have mentioned my stones to you many times, my masterstones and also my new Spirit Stones, I have been very fortunate and now have them on display and for sale at Spiritual Connections, Maroochydore. Thankyou Kerin for this opportunity. I am also selling my master stones individually and they are packaged in a lovely little gift bag with the channeled meaning, so nice, and for sale for only $7.50, these are individually hand crafted spiritual stones blessed by the monks of Bali, I hope to have pictures soon on my website but they can be purchased either through me or at Spiritual Connections in Maroochydore or Duporth Avenue.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Spring and that all good blessings are coming your way...Trust and Faith are the 2 words I always preach :) Everything you need is there for you....
If anyone would like a reading just email or call or 0413 623 758, oh I do have Skype as well now and can do a reading for you on there, my skype name is mediumsheryl so add me and we will go from there,
thankyou and blessings to all, Sheryl xx

Friday, August 20, 2010

This & That :)

A beautiful sunny day here on the Sunshine Coast day and of course its Election Day so hope everyone has cast their vote. A bit hard to choose this time I felt but Im predicting Julia by a narrow margin....Whoever wins lets ask the universe that they do a wonderful job for us :) and with tongue in cheek may the best man win lol..

Angel Cards - I do love my angel cards and I have a few that I read with, I have a pack that was my original pack bought about 4 years ago, lovely and well used now, so it came to me perhaps I need to get a new pack, its hard to let go of the originals so Im in a dilema as to whether buy the same ones (new) or go for something different? I think I will go and browse and go with my intuition when I get there. If I get a new pack I want everyone to come and have a reading with them, I will offer a special price.

Finally got my labels this week to put on my bottles of oils, so they should be ready very soon for purchase.

Wellness & Awareness Day - The Peregian Hotel is holding a special day on August 29th (Sunday) 10 to 4 - There will be lots to do, healings, readings, gonging, talks and lots of displays on natural products ect to buy or try. I will be a reader on the day so love to see you all there Only $20 for readings and healings etc.

Meditation - This has become so important in these times of busyness and stress, I cannot recommend enough that a small amount of time meditating each week can give you such peace of mind and clarity, the peace you feel helps enormously with our day to day lives. There are many types of meditation and rituals, choose what you feel comfortable with and practise, you and your body will thank you. If you feel you do not have the time or space at home a class is very helpful. Ommm.

Signing off for now, love and light to everyone,
Blessings Sheryl xx

Monday, August 2, 2010


Hello again,

Just letting you know that my workshop went wonderfully well last Saturday, we did emotional freedom, creating a sacred space and more, we all enjoyed the eft (emotional freedom techniques), we were tapping away and had lots of fun. You can find EFT on UTube for lots of varieties of this technique. I did find a simpler way through this website Two Aussies came up with SET (simple energy technique) and it was easy and simple to follow, check it out :)

A reminder that i have a special on this month on readings for the first 2 weeks only though, check previous post.

I have always been interested in reincarnation and read whatever is available on the subject, recently I required 2 books that I would like to recommend
1. Soul Survivor - Bruce & Andrea Leininger (A boy who rembers a past life)
2. Old Souls - Tom Shroder (children/people from all countries that have knowledge of their previous lives)

Affirmations: I can highly recommend LAW OF ATTRACTION DAILY AFFIRMATIONS, you can view them on U Tube now, sometimes we just need a boost and I think by daily affirmations things really come to us, whatever way we ask, these are positive and powerful ones to use :)

Have a wonderful week, blessings till next time, Sheryl xx

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


A qucik note to let you know that there is now a link to this blog from my website, thankyou to Ian for doing this, much appreciated:)

tlc Sheryl

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Update & Angels

Hello again.

Just a quick note to clarify that i will not be going to England to do my new work its all done in the comfort of my home via link up with my telephone. So all good :)

I have also downloaded Skype and have a webcam as well, Im still getting used to it but I am sure it will all work out, my skype name is mediumsheryl if anyone wants to add me to their skype contacts..

I am looking forward to my workshop this weekend, busily preparing notes etc, but it will be a fun experience as well.


I would also like to mention that I am offering a special on readings for the first 2 weeks in August, this is either face to face or phone readings... all 1 hour readings will only be $55.00.
Or if you bring or send a friend it will be $50 on confirmation of their booking.

As you know I work with the Angels and feel they are strong in presence at the moment because of the global woes , our economic situation and stress related to this. I ask that you ask your Angels to help in any situation that you are finding hard to deal with at the moment, they will help you, please Trust that they are always with you and answer every prayer, even in unusual ways..
If anyone has a story regarding Angels or an angelic experience they may have had please comment below, I love to hear how they help. Angels can show themselves in many forms even as a bird, animal, butterfly, dragonfly or other and we sense that they are angels, they resonate with what you resonate with to let you know they are around.
As you know we can pray to our Archangels as well the higher realm of angels, many people feel close to Archangel Michael, he is very powerful and our protector but all angels will help you :)

take care, signing off for now Blessings Sheryl xx

Saturday, July 24, 2010

New Adventures

Hello everyone,
Thankyou for taking the time to read my blog, Im new at this so bear with me, this will replace my monthly newsletter that I do on my website each month

It has been a busy month, lots of new things coming in (like this blog lol) I have also been accepted by Sky Tv (Psychic & Soul) in England to be part of their team as a reader, I was so excited to be accepted, once contracts signed its all go, so this will be part of my new work as well...
I am holding a workshop 31st July (Sat'day) 9.30 am to 12.30 on Emotional Freedom so for those who have confirmed, thankyou I look forward to seeing you, if anyone would like to attend please let me know via email. It is being held at my home in Peregian Beach, all welcome.

I would also like to let everyone know that my new Spirit Stones are now available for purchase from myself or my other website they are beautiful.

The energy is high this month, I am finding that using my crystals when doing a reading also seems to recharge the energy thats flowing, crystals also aid in a higher vibration when people do healing work.

i will add more posts once I am more familiar with how this all works, sending love & light to you all. Blessings Sheryl