Thursday, November 14, 2013

Metallic Rays

From your Angels direct to you :)

SILVER RAY - This ray is feminine (yin) in nature, soothing and comforting. It relates to the lunar energies of Archangel Auriel and angels of the moon. The Silver Ray allows us to see ourselves in a different light. It illuminates and reflects energy; it is fluid, soft, yielding and a naturel tranquillizer. The Silver Ray helps to balance the fluid functions of the body as well as the female hormones. This Ray also governsthe feminine right side of the brain. It helps yu use your intuition and analyse your feelings and instincts.

GOLD RAY - Powerful and masculine (yang) in nature, The Gold Ray relates to the energy of the Sun and solar angels. The Sun has some positive physiological effects on humans, making us feel happy and positive when we are exposed to it. This Ray clears parasitic energies and stops unwanted outside energy from influencing us, allowing us to remain beyond corruption. It also helps with masculine, left-brain situations, where logic and systematic thought processes are required, and helps us take appropriate action.

COPPER RAY - Very feminine in nature, but in a different way from Silver. The Copper Ray is the dynamic, vigorous, primal aspect of the feminine psyche. It carries the energies of renewal, creativity, birth and the female womb. The Copper Ray allows us to bring our dreams and desires to reality, especially if we tune into the energy of the great Earth Mother or Grandmother energy. It holds ancient memories and creative power beyond our limited human understanding. It helps us to make life-changing decisions that make our dreams a reality.

PLATINUM RAY - Masculine in nature, but in a different way from gold, the Platinum Ray brings healing to the male aspect of our personality. It helps overcome anger and agression and releases peny-up fiery emotions. It rnasmutes competitive agression into peaceful cooperation. The Platinum Ray is very piercing, penetrating, focused and pristine. It can reflect agressive negative energy back to its source and exposes the untrue. It is very cleansing to the human energy system and the environment, giving us the skills required to flourish in the storm of chaos.

Please feel free to use all or any of these Rays to help you at any time.

It is also wonderful and powerful to Meditate on the Sun and Moon in Harmony. The purpose is to harmonise the male and female aspects - balancing the right and left brain hemispheres to activate the Fourth Eye Chakra. More information to come on how to practise this meditation in the next post.
Thankyou love & light Sheryl