Sunday, February 27, 2011

2011 new beginnings

Hi All,
A Belated Happy New Year :) Well the start of 2011 has been horrendous with the floods, cyclones and earthquakes!! Goodness we are getting a shake up, but seeing all the people come together to help other people has been amazing, the world seems a better place when things like this happen.
Energies are high and the earth is shifting as we all are to a higher consciousness, LOVE is the word of now, send love, receive love, be love, this will take you to the new higher vibration..
Happenings : I moved house the very end of January, everything went pretty well not too much stress thankyou universe :) Loving the new place at Coolum, its peaceful and beautiful, lots of green and butterflies.....I was planning to do some beginners classes but at this stage they are not happening now, I guess it was timing, I will however be holding a Spiritual Development Workshop during the year. My Masterstone accredited classes will begin about late April at this stage. I will post more information close to the time. BUT I will be holding a meditation class every fortnight from the 31st March, we all need meditation at this time to release the stress in our busy world, all welcome, a small supper (tea & bickies) will be provided with a gold coin donation for any costs......This will be held at my new place in Peacock Court Coolum Beach.

I will be offering a special for March also with 3/4 hr phone readings for only $50 so book now to avoid missing out, this offer will be available from the 1st (tomorrow) March till the 22nd March.
As we are starting the new year ANEW I would like to give you a technique for cutting the ties with the past with the help of Archangel Michael : During the following technique you can visualise Archangel Michael's Sword of Protection and Truth as either gold metal or a living sapphire blue flame.
Ok Firstly seat yourself comfortably where you will be undisturbed. 2. Visualise roots growing out of the soles of your feet to ground and strebghten you. 3. Allow your breathing to become easy and natural. 4. Summon Archangel Michael and his "legions of light" alighn yourself with this energy, Ask Michael to cut away all binding ties and cords, removing energy implants and release spirit attachments. 5. Feel or sense Archangel Michael going through each of your chakra centres and working through your aura. 6. Be aware of the process, and see or feel the ties being cut or disincarnate entities being taken up to the light by Archangel Michael. 7. To close the healing session, ask Archangel Michael to wrap you in his blue cloak, which will gently heal any holes or gaps within your aura and give protection while the healing process is completed.

This is a wonderful way of letting go of anything that no longer serves you. Here is a little poem that I wrote today called LETTING GO..

The past is the past,
no more regret
Destiny - our path
Universally Set

Lessons to be learnt
hard facts to face
this journey a part of
The Human Race

Old/New information!
Butterfly - Transformation!
Letting Go
Soul Release
Emerging Softly/gently
that feeling of Peace!

Until next time, sending love & light and B;essings, Sheryl xxx