Monday, October 4, 2010

New things & Spring

Hello everyone,

I have to apologise for the delay in posting, but I have finally found some time to sit and write.

Lots have been happening, I hope everyone manifested all that they needed in the last 6 weeks, The Full moon was beautiful as usual in September and I personally threw out all the things that I did no longer need in my life, thoughts, items, past issues, I asked that whatever needed being tossed, went, and you know amazingly new things started to appear the very next day!! love how it works!

I have also started in earnest again my affirmations, sometimes we forget how important they are, and you know things are flowing again nicely... I will add one affirmation that I use which seems to work so well for me and Im sure it will for you goes :I NOW DRAW FROM THE ABUNDANCE OF THE SPHERES MY IMMEDIATE AND ENDLESS SUPPLY, ALL CHANNELS ARE FREE, ALL DOORS ARE OPEN!! love this one and thankyou universe!!

I have also decided to refurbish my Gratitude journal/note book, being grateful for the things you have in your life brings so much more to you.......Spring is in the air, so a good time to clear out your clutter and start afresh as I am doing here for me, any change is a good change. So clear that clutter folks, bring in the new!

When using my angel cards the last month one of the Archangels keeps being presented to me this is Archangel Chamuel - he is the finding angel, he helps in finding lost items as well as finding the things we are wanting, like where we want to be or where we belong, he helps us with finding a soulmate connection also so if you are wanting and searching ask Chamuel to help you, he will help you find what you need..

Crystals: Im feeling the amazing energy of the crystals aound me at present there seems to be an energy that is flowing at this present time, time seems to be speeding up and so is the energy...If you have some crystals sourround yourself with them as this is will raise your energy levels right now. Put your intentions into your crystals and this energy will flow to your dreams and intentions, I find that visions and dreams are sometimes profound when I use and have my crystals around me. I especially love is Beryl (not only because it rhymes with Sheryl haha) but it helps shed baggage, represents purity, actualising potential, activates crown and solar plexus chakras, enhances courage, releives stress and calms the mind and re-awakens love....what a beautiful crystal and I was very lucky to be given a piece by a dear friend recently and this has certainly helped, thankyou I am very grateful!

Work in Progress: I have mentioned my stones to you many times, my masterstones and also my new Spirit Stones, I have been very fortunate and now have them on display and for sale at Spiritual Connections, Maroochydore. Thankyou Kerin for this opportunity. I am also selling my master stones individually and they are packaged in a lovely little gift bag with the channeled meaning, so nice, and for sale for only $7.50, these are individually hand crafted spiritual stones blessed by the monks of Bali, I hope to have pictures soon on my website but they can be purchased either through me or at Spiritual Connections in Maroochydore or Duporth Avenue.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Spring and that all good blessings are coming your way...Trust and Faith are the 2 words I always preach :) Everything you need is there for you....
If anyone would like a reading just email or call or 0413 623 758, oh I do have Skype as well now and can do a reading for you on there, my skype name is mediumsheryl so add me and we will go from there,
thankyou and blessings to all, Sheryl xx