Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March Poem & other things

Removing The Masks That Bind us

Lift up your heart, outstretched arms
Take what is universally yours
Make the statement, don't hide away
Be free...be free...be free I say!

A mask in reality is only made from clay
Easily broken like old habits and traits
Free up your life
The statement states!

Take off the mask
That binds you dear
Release all troubles, obstacles
And fear
Live life as intended
Pure light and love
Be who you are
In the image of god

The one source which is you and me
Creative, abundant, playful
And free!!......

Just a reminder that my Meditation Group will be starting on the 31st March at 7pm sharp.
Gold coin donation on the night, tea coffee and bikies..etc. This is at The Sanctuary, 7 Peacock Crt, Coolum Beach :)

Until next time Blessings Sheryl x

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