Friday, August 20, 2010

This & That :)

A beautiful sunny day here on the Sunshine Coast day and of course its Election Day so hope everyone has cast their vote. A bit hard to choose this time I felt but Im predicting Julia by a narrow margin....Whoever wins lets ask the universe that they do a wonderful job for us :) and with tongue in cheek may the best man win lol..

Angel Cards - I do love my angel cards and I have a few that I read with, I have a pack that was my original pack bought about 4 years ago, lovely and well used now, so it came to me perhaps I need to get a new pack, its hard to let go of the originals so Im in a dilema as to whether buy the same ones (new) or go for something different? I think I will go and browse and go with my intuition when I get there. If I get a new pack I want everyone to come and have a reading with them, I will offer a special price.

Finally got my labels this week to put on my bottles of oils, so they should be ready very soon for purchase.

Wellness & Awareness Day - The Peregian Hotel is holding a special day on August 29th (Sunday) 10 to 4 - There will be lots to do, healings, readings, gonging, talks and lots of displays on natural products ect to buy or try. I will be a reader on the day so love to see you all there Only $20 for readings and healings etc.

Meditation - This has become so important in these times of busyness and stress, I cannot recommend enough that a small amount of time meditating each week can give you such peace of mind and clarity, the peace you feel helps enormously with our day to day lives. There are many types of meditation and rituals, choose what you feel comfortable with and practise, you and your body will thank you. If you feel you do not have the time or space at home a class is very helpful. Ommm.

Signing off for now, love and light to everyone,
Blessings Sheryl xx

Monday, August 2, 2010


Hello again,

Just letting you know that my workshop went wonderfully well last Saturday, we did emotional freedom, creating a sacred space and more, we all enjoyed the eft (emotional freedom techniques), we were tapping away and had lots of fun. You can find EFT on UTube for lots of varieties of this technique. I did find a simpler way through this website Two Aussies came up with SET (simple energy technique) and it was easy and simple to follow, check it out :)

A reminder that i have a special on this month on readings for the first 2 weeks only though, check previous post.

I have always been interested in reincarnation and read whatever is available on the subject, recently I required 2 books that I would like to recommend
1. Soul Survivor - Bruce & Andrea Leininger (A boy who rembers a past life)
2. Old Souls - Tom Shroder (children/people from all countries that have knowledge of their previous lives)

Affirmations: I can highly recommend LAW OF ATTRACTION DAILY AFFIRMATIONS, you can view them on U Tube now, sometimes we just need a boost and I think by daily affirmations things really come to us, whatever way we ask, these are positive and powerful ones to use :)

Have a wonderful week, blessings till next time, Sheryl xx