Thursday, November 4, 2010

CRYSTALS, Crystals & more Crystals

Hi Everyone,

Crystals you say? Oh what amazing energy they exude, crystals are sent from above I feel, not only the look and feel that has us in awe but the vibrtaion of energy that comes from Crystals...

I have been channelling with my personal crystals at present to raise my vibration for the coming of the new era in 2012. The energy is high as from 10/10/2010, there seemed to be an opening on that day for us to raise above the earthly planes to a deeper understanding and by using your crystals to do this is a wonderful thing. Clarity and change come with certain crystals but no matter what you like or resinate to they will work for you.

I always feel that when looking to get a crystal or a new one, they pick us as its always a feeling that we get when we pick the one we want.
Go with your inner feeling as its always correct.

I have some amazing Crystal Oracle Cards that i use at times in my readings and the pictures of the crystals are divine, and everytime a person chooses a card its always right for them at that time, the power of crystals is very special.

I also feel that in this present time, it is relevant that we are also healed before moving forward, crytals can do that for you, One I love is the CHRYSANTHEMUM STONE - Some of the sttributes of this stone is that it exudes calm, confidence and enhances any environment with its gentle presence. Radiating Harmony, it synthesizes change with equilibrium and shows how the teo can work together. This stone shows you how to enjoy being centered in the present moment and encourages the self to bloom. It inspires and energizes, and brings endeavours to fruition. This stone can also aid in depth of thought and guards against distractions.

The healing power of this stone is wonderful as it promotes physical maturation and transition. It also treats the skin, skeleton and eyes, it is a useful stone for dispersing toxins and dissolving growths.

This stone can be carried or worn, or placed in an environment that needs calm...This stone can also be used as an elixir, but make by the indirect method of placing the stone in a glass bowl within the bowl of water as otherwise the flower is affected.

I have personally a Crystal Bible and this stone is in there, but they have some amazing crystals, some that I have not heard of and have a wonderful explanation of all of the ones listed in the Crystal Bible. Really woth looking at if you are drawn to crystals.

Im really feeling drawn to Clear Quarts, Beryl and a couple fo other ones at this time, so my freinds get out your crystals and raise your energy to a higher vibration and I know things will start changing for you immediately.

This is all I needed to convey at this time, so have fun and many blessings to you all, Sheryl xx

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