Sunday, September 15, 2013

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Angelic Spirit Messages

The current energy about is that magical flow of the universe held in that beautiful power of belief!! Right now have Faith.. Believe in Miracles….. as if you can truly imagine and believe something can happen.. Miracles will unfold.. Expectations can be both a positive and a negative… as fixed thoughts; opinions about yourself truly create your world and your experiences. What has happen...ed in the past truly isn’t what the future old.. Your Positive conceptions can create something so grand.. That it would even surprise you.. Visualize.. and enjoy the ride.. as right now is that exciting time of New Beginnings Unfolding Just remember to still nourish your dream, your vision and keep the positive vibrations from you flowing.. Hear that guidance that comes through your body…. Your divine Temple for your soul.. nourish it with rest, food and water, hear it when it guides you into action, and when it is time to treat yourself…. As that is just a way to tell yourself.. I Love You!!!
The Spiritual energy that is about is that of Grace… be gracious and understanding of yourself… of your Angels, your guides and Spiritual guardians that are there watching over & cherishing you. Kindly honor that reality of others.. and what they believe, although it may not be what You do.. Hear the truth of others.. without overlaying your own opinion.. Just hear it.. take in what you can.. and just cherish your path. Move past the Predictable behavior. As they are all guiding you to just say Yes to Life… enjoy it…. Let yourself explore!!!!!
Your Guides, Angels and Spiritual Guardians are all working to help you step into clarity… and to find the strength.. as there is a powerful healing present.. as they work to unlock the past blockages whether this was relationships, or health issues the challenges you have been facing are all linked to the past.. As you can take a moment to just think of the situations and circumstances you have been through.. and even if it feels like nothing is happening there are profound transformations occurring.. Your Angels are asking to let go of those old wounds.. the broken relationships the people and situations that you have not forgiven, any shame or guilt you may have.. As you release this to the heavens.. Your body, mind and spirit are healing.. So what is it that will lead you on the path to your greatest healing?? This transformation is part of why they are pushing you also to lighten up.. Have fun… be silly… fill your spirit with joy and delight.. allow yourself to feel GOOD>. As when you to... your joyous energy radiates to others.. As pleasure is also rejuvenating and healing for yourself... but also has a healing effect on others around you.
There is a deep inner knowing with you, and that is emerging to even deeper depths.. it is rising.. so your Guides and the Angels ask that you pay attention to those coincidences, signs and synchronicities around you.. As there is enlightenment growing within you, even if you don’t notice it. As Your Entering into new frontiers & a period of expansion.. Moving beyond any previous limitations. There is something exciting approaching around the corner… Keep on taking action when guided, when inspired move to be more inspiring, when guided to try something new, step out of your comfort zone and go for it.. That Grand Adventure awaits you..

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