Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Enjoying 2012

Hello Everyone,
A Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)

2012 - what does it mean for us? A new way of thinking I feel is what is meant for 2012 getting past the old patterns and believing in a new start and beginnings from this year forward. Putting into place a better way of thinking more spiritual aspects will enter our lives this year so that we can love more and be more tolerant, calmess is the way to go, thinking outside of the box in a positive way, let go and let flow are the words for this year :)

I find crystals help so much in this aspect of letting go, they have such wonderful energy, One Crystal to help with releasing old patterns is "Desert Rose Selenite" this crystal helps to dissolve self-imposed programs that have been running for too long. It releases the program and assists in finding an appropriate replacement. It can be used to strengthen affirmations of purpose......

This is the year of Health & Happiness - Many will find that they are wanting to change things in their life this year whether consciously or unconsciously but follow your heart and your dreams this year, many things can change for you if you want it, believe that the energy around you and also your Angels will guide you if make that first step to your emotional or financial freedom.. This is the year to do it!!! Some call it Divine Timing.

To go with the new energies a committment is required, Im hearing Practice makes perfect :) or practice your committment to the new you by daily affirmations, yoga, meditation whatever you do, your committment in this will keep your vibration in alignment with this year and beyond. A weekly ritual is good even if its just a time out for gratitude, whatever it is that you do it will always keep your vibration high and good things will just keep on coming for you...

My Angels tell me that there will be many healings this year and next, they are sending many colours of light to us so that we can be healed from past hurts or past issues this is their way of helping us move forward with this new energy from this year onwards. They say that people will become healers as well in their own right. Colour Therapy or Colour meditation will help many to heal. If you have the need for a particular colour, work with the Archangel who directs that ray. You may use the the colour breath to fill the whole body or just part of the body. This applies to pain or any area of the body that particullarly needs healing. You could just invoke the Angel of the Ray of the colour to which you are inituitively drawn.

White Ray - Archangel Metatron.....Invoking AA Metatron and using his white ray of brilliance brings unprecedented spiritual growth.
Pink Ray - Archangel Chamuel......The balanced Pink Ray is the union of Heaven & Earth made manifest within the human heart. It is the product of the marriage of the physical Red Ray with the White Ray of spiritual awakening and fullness.
Turquoise Ray - Archangel Haniel......This ray brings emotional freedom. confidence & inner strength, calmes the nerves and is a natural tranquillizer, unblocks emotional turmoil within and without.
Lilac Ray - Archangel Tzaphkiel......This ray helps with inner and outer journeys, altered states of reality, deep meditation. This colour (ray) is the third & 4th eye link or gateway to the unknown, links to the angelic realm, this colour can dissolve spiritual disease and old patterns of karma.
There are other transmuting rays, colours for example Ruby (for devotion & peace) Indigo (mysteries & miracles) Emerald green (for healing and divine vision) White Gold (illumination, wisdom)...

Blue ray will be associated with this year and will be to do with Planetary Healing, Archangel Sandalphon is guardian of the Earth, in charge of planetary healing, so you can invoke AA Sandalphon to help the planet and suffering in the world.

I will finish with an affirmation that can can carry us through this time of change.
" I am surrounded by the white light of the Christ, through which nothing negative can penetrate!"..
Until next time Many Blessings Sheryl x

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